Apple Seed & American Family Recipients 2018-2019

Congratulations to all of the deserving Apple Seed Grant winners! The 2018 Prize Patrol surprised teachers and staff today at their buildings with 23 different grants to help fund creative ideas to support student learning. The prize patrol is made up of community volunteers and district personnel who want to make this a fun and memorable experience for staff. The St. Joseph School District Foundation awards the grants, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The Foundation is a local non-profit foundation that supports learning in the SJSD. Funding is provided entirely through community donations. The Apple Seed Grants are awarded to teachers and staff who have innovative ideas that would directly affect students. The grants give schools the opportunity to explore new ideas in the classroom. We would like to extend a big thank you once again this year to American Family Insurance, who provides a large amount of the funding, which has greatly increased the number and amount of funds awarded.

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Annie Ray (Edison) – Maker Space. This project will create an interactive space for students to practice design thinking through creativity.

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Dori Dwyer (Edison) – Building the Power from Within. This project will help teach students to deal with their emotions and react appropriately to them.

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Sheila McCullough (Pershing) – Engineers, Begin Your Designs. This grant will create opportunities for design thinking, learning through engineering.

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Elizabeth Chase (Central), Smart Spots – Smart Kids, which provides wifi hotspots that students can check out to use at home for school projects.

Ashley Stanton (Central) – Job Development Cart Services. This grant will benefit her job skills class, which teaches students job skills. They will be starting a school coffee cart.

Elizabeth Hoskins (Bode) – Gaming for Good. This grant will provide a variety of tabletop games to create more things to do in a safe place for students.

Ashton Cecil (Coleman) – Cougars Can Code, provides small robotic items to allow students to learn basic coding skills.

Amy Weiser (Coleman) – Math Manipulative Mania. Ms. Weiser is the Math Interventionist, and this provides magnetic manipulatives that students can use in their math practices.

Lindsay Phillips (Pershing) – Operation Growth. This project will help teach students a growth mindset, that failure is okay, and even helpful, as long as you learn from it.

Angie Klassen (Webster) – Students Acquiring Skills through Agriculture (SALSA). Webster students are already growing plants in their greenhouse, and this grant will help support that project.

Lori Garza (Webster) – Teaching Tolerance through Collaboration. This grant came out of an externship at Boehringer Ingelheim, where Ms. Garza was struck by the necessity of appreciating diversity and its importance for success. She will be working with students in this area.

Becky Vieth (Early Learning Center) – Fairytales and STEM. Preschoolers will learn STEM thinking through fairytales.

Deb Wehr (Carden Park) – Discover the Math. This grant will allow whole-school PD to help teachers learn big math concepts.

Stephen Kibler (Benton) – Anxiety De-Escalator. This will provide a virtual reality headset to put students into a calming place, such as a beach scene when they are feeling anxious.

Danitra Roberts (Pickett) – Yearbook for Pickett. This will allow students more opportunity to be part of the yearbook process.

Lynnea Wooten (Bessie Ellison) – Ensemble Ear Training. This grant will provide tools for ear training, which will be useful from elementary school through high school.

Miranda Ham and Lisa Reed (not pictured) (Bessie Ellison) – Using Yoga and Mindfulness to Achieve Growth.

Kim Dilley (Edison) – Edison Ambassadors. Edison students will act as ambassadors to the rest of the student population and the community.

Blair Garwood (Carden Park) – What Do You Hear? This grant will supply microphone balls, which students will use when working in a large group within the classroom to make sure that everyone can hear each other.

Landi Quinlin (Truman) – Tiger Talents. This grant will provide supplies for a recently implemented program that creates Friday “clubs,” where students explore something that interests them, building relationships and skills at the same time.

Kaycee Speiser (Mark Twain) – Breakout EDU. This will provide an escape room kit so that students can use their critical thinking skills to solve puzzles in breakout challenges.

Karamaneh Tolbert (Truman Preschool), with Mary Cobb (Early Learning Center) – Nurturing Self-Regulation. Preschoolers will learn to understand their emotions and practice self-regulation.

Joanna Lehman (Central FACS) – Sign Me Up for Project Runway! Central Fashion students will have the opportunity to learn to investigate fashion design and merchandizing a college tour, exploring a different type of post-secondary education.

Nurse Heidi DeSchepper, Counselor Tansie Carman and Family Involvement Coordinator Angie Hernandez (Edison) – The Calming Eagle. This grant will create sensory paths and calm down kits in rooms, and Edison will be able to create Mindfulness Mornings, where students will begin the day with a mindfulness routine.

Paula Habrock (Edison) – Life Cycles (not pictured). Her grant will create a variety of interactive animal life cycle exhibits near the front office that all of the students in the school will be able to learn from.