Apple Seed Grants 2016-2017

Bode Middle School

Tori Grable and Jason Hale—Using Critical Thinking/Breakout EDU

The award will fund Breakout EDU kits for the whole school, which allows students to learn critical reasoning skills, problem solving and teamwork/collaboration in an “escape room.” Students will solve puzzles and draw connections in order to “break
out” of a room or “break in” to a locked box. Teachers will be able to customize lessons based on their content area, using free resources available online.

Elizabeth Hoskins—Creative Innovations

This award will fund tools to provide creative and fun ways to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) topics and concepts. This will be done through the Innovators Club and during Patriot Time (Enrichment intervention).
The materials will include purchasing a Carvey 3D carving machine, which will allow students to design and create their own carving projects, as well as other supplies, including 3D printing supplies.

Tori Zieger—Augmented Reality Sandbox

An augmented reality sandbox is a sandbox that can be used to explain geographic land formation and information learned from maps. In addition to an actual sandbox, teachers will be able to project visualizations on the box. This will allow the seventh
grade social studies teachers to show students how geography has affected a variety of historical events.

Central High School

Rebecca Callaway—Elementary Math Club

Central students will lead fourth and fifth grade students at Edison Elementary in math concepts through hands-on activities. For example, they will teach fractions using cooking. The goal is to increase students’ enjoyment of math as well as their

Mark Twain Elementary

Kim Mayo—Let the Games Begin!

This is a Breakout EDU project and will fund the Breakout kits.

Central High School, Bode Middle School and Truman Middle School

Joel Fischer—Electronic Music Work Station

This project will fund digital music mixing equipment. This will allow middle school and high school students the opportunity to explore music creation, composition and performance through digital means. Students will learn about live sound, acoustics
and recording music, a new area of study for the SJSD.

Truman Middle School

Taylor Guyer—Steven Spangler Science Club

The science club will focus on creating cool science experiments that tie in with the current curriculum. This will give students more time to focus on lab experiments that they do not have time to do in class, and learn that science can be fun and
possible in the everyday world.

Parkway Elementary School

Heather Beaulieu – Student Center Classroom Seating

This grant will provide flexible seating options for at least four classrooms. Flexible seating allows for movement and flexibility, introducing more physical activity into the classroom and helping students control their behavior. Flexible seating
includes pedal desks, wobble chairs, exercise ball chairs, wiggle pads, standing desks, swivel stools, bouncy band foot stands, butterfly chairs, bungee chairs and Zenergy ball chairs.

Jennifer Hale – Playground Map

This grant will fund a map stencil kit, which will allow the school to paint a map of the US on the playground. This will help provide visual representation of geography for students, and will give teachers an interactive way to teach geography. Students
will be able to use sidewalk chalk to label parts of the map, and teachers will be able to use the map for educational games.

Hyde and Pickett Elementary School

Angela Chavez – Bind Us Together

This project will use the You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You series, which are written so that adults read one page and children read the next page. This allows both parent and child to read at their reading level, exposing the child to a variety of
text levels. In addition to the books, parents will be taught how to use the books to read with their children and increase their interest and confidence levels while reading.

Humboldt Elementary School

Kathleen Furlong – Paper Recycling

Art students will use scrap art paper to create new paper. The project will be tied into the sixth grade science curriculum, teaching students about plant fibers and plant cells, as well as recycling.

Lindbergh Elementary School

Andrea Aeschliman—Feeding the Heart through Art

This project will focus on teaching art students kindness, love and compassion. Students will use art to reach out to the community, creating cards, joke books, placemats, drawings, letters, words of encouragement, etc. for a variety of causes. As
part of the project, the teacher will read books to the students about kindness, love and acceptance – these books will also be added to the school library.

Robidoux Middle School

Colin Pettegrew—Linking Physical Models to Answers in the Math Classroom

This grant will provide linking cubes to math classes to help students visualize math concepts such as the Pythagorean Theorem, ratios and proportions, calculating the slope of a line from a graph, determining the perimeter, area and volume of polygons,
identifying square roots, calculating probability, and adding and subtracting integers.

Webster Learning Center

Kevin Bland – Lights, Camera, Action

This project will use video to demonstrate and role play positive behaviors. This would also give at-risk students the change to engage and learn a skill that they could use to engage in classroom learning.

Eugene Field Elementary

Annie Bramlage—Sensory Overload

This grant would provide calm down corners/safe spots for three classrooms. They will give students a sensory outlet to help them self calm. The corners will include a bean bag chair, headphones, a liquid timer and a few sensory items. Additionally,
it will provide a weighted blanket, a Hoberman Sphere, liquid timer, headphones and fidget items for students to use in the counselor’s office.

Cindy Faucett—BreakOUT of Boring Instruction

This is a Breakout EDU project and will fund the Breakout kits.